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A Purposeful Life


You can feel so small standing by the seashore. The vastness of all that is before you expands much farther than your eye can see. What is happening on the other side? As tides continue to ebb and flow, what occurs as they come and go remains largely a mystery and the effects of their presence unknown in your sight. Yet, things are moving and changing as you gaze upon the water, as the thumbprint of their presence is left behind. The greater the wind and wave, the greater the effect. But even a gentle breeze leaves its humble mark upon the seashore on which you stand. The smallest pebble still makes a ripple in the great blue expanse of ocean waters. It doesn’t need to be big.


Events and Announcements

New Confession Times

Saturday confessions will be at 9:00am at the basketball court of the school.

Confesiones el sábado, serán a las 9:00 de la mañana en la cancha de baloncesto de la escuela.