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The Balancing Act of Faith

06-20-2021© LPi

As we look at our lives and world events, do we ever find ourselves wondering if God is sleeping? After all, maybe God’s patient, unconditional love has run its course and He is finally fed up with humanity’s reluctance to accept the truth about who we are. God really can’t be that patient! All throughout human history, many have prayed to God for intervention or for particular needs. Because their prayers were not answered in the way they wanted or anticipated, they felt that God may have abandoned them. Were they right? It seems that we are continuing, at a rapid rate, down a path of destruction. Do you not care, God, that we may be perishing? When the boats of our lives are rocking and the seas tumultuous, we want to know that we have God’s attention. Even more so, we want God’s intervention.


Events and Announcements

Catechist Training

If you are 16 or older and interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, this training is for you! Cathechist Training Sessions will be offered here at OLPH on several dates in June and July.


Open enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year has begun!

If you are interested in giving your child the gift of a Catholic education, please contact the principal, Mrs. Catherine Lucero, at 623-931-7288. She will set up an individual tour and answer all of your questions at that time.


Sacrament Prep Registration

Registration for children in first grade to High School who need the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation or First Communion are now open, call the Religious Education office for more information.


Safe Environment Renewal / Entrenamiento de Ambiente Seguro

The new year in the Safe Environment Training is about to start on Jul 1.


Virtual Bible Study with Deacon Dennis

Add Thu, Jun 24 (weekly)

Thursdays 1:00pm, repeated at 7:00pm


Prayer for Life Sunday / Domingo de Oración por la Vida

Add Sun, Jun 27

Please take time at home to pray the Rosary for the unborn babies that are in danger of being aborted. Your prayers are powerful. Your prayers can save babies’ lives.